Reason To Keep Breathing 12/7: Josh Hartnett

Life is hard, stupid hard at times. Some days we need a mental and emotional escape from the mundane BS. My escape usually is in music, trolling FB for up-and-coming talent and thinking about the great men of this world. Thinking about Pearl Harbor today, I remembered the horrid movie and immediately remembered my favorite Depp worshiping dreamboat, Josh Hartnett.

Flawless, that’s all I have to say. He’s half hipster, quarter jock and probably a quarter airhead. I’m okay with this, he meets certain criteria…

Molestache and sporadic facial hair?

Obnoxious hipster nerd glasses?

Body that’s rarely seen without a shirt but looks excellent in a basic tee?
Double check.

Looks good with a hat on but you know at least that there is hair underneath?
CHECK, dayum.

Deep thinking but still has a sense of humor?
Ha ha, check!

The man is a 10. PLUS he’s a humanitarian, god bless the woman that cuffs him!


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