My Video Demo Reel for 2012 – the year in one video recap!

This year has certainly been filled with many highs and quite a few lows. I lost one of my best friends Mario this year and for years we talked about doing something fun and edgy, interviewing bands with asshole commentary and getting it on film. We wanted to carve our own space in a lane filled with loads of glitz, smoke and mirrors. We could use our knowledge as musicians, participants and life comedians to make people laugh and understand their favorite bands. Authenticity and real heart was one of the things that held our friendship and a fire was definitely lit to my ass when I saw him slip away. I hope to honor his legacy, make him proud by being the best me I can be aka, represent hard for Jersey.

That being said, Boxx Talk has taken off this year! Proud to have now fully functional and be fully self-sufficient. This year I have had some of the BEST interviews of my career and really honed in on my on-camera skills in both metal AND hip-hop. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to interview such great artists and laugh with some ill people. Here’s to making it bigger an better in 2012!

Check out my new video demo reel here:


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