This might come as a total shock to many people but I have NEVER smoked a cigarette in my life. In fact, they actually make me very sick and being amidst the smell is gross to me. However, I haven’t been smoke free in my life and I’ve reveled the joys 🙂

When the pics of Rhianna smoking a blunt on the beach surfaced last week, I was shocked to see how many people were shocked that she would be smoking a blunt. GASP, a beautiful, talented woman partaking in such activities…tisk tisk tisk.
I’m from NJ, blunts were a staple of growing up. The guts (literally), the smell, the driving around and gettin’ it – undeniably, there is something to those gorilla fingaz that folks are attracted to. It’s been cited that some of the most creative people have smoked the goodness and kicked back with a smokeable every now and then. Why is it a shocker to see a beautiful woman smoke? I think, it’s kind of sexy, empowering. Look how hot these two broads look:

(My wife, J Lo)

(Where can I get that DRESS!)

Why is it widely acceptable and NOT shocking for handsome men to toke but when a woman does it, lines are blurred? Why is it seen as “trashy” or not “lady like?” I’ll let you in on a little secret, some of the sexiest ladies I know have kicked back with one. All things in moderation right?

More power to my ladies who hold it down and don’t give a fuck. Life is way too long and hard not to see the world through different eyes every now and then, besides it’s practically LEGAL in Cali at this point. There are much bigger issues to scrutinize in society than this.


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