Timing: watch the clock tick or take matters into your own hands + New Boxx Talk video

Timing is everything.

I used to be an idealistic optimist who saw things as having “their time” but as I age, it has definitely become more apparent that timing is almost everything in life. All the right things at the wrong time, all the wrong things at the right time…there is one unavoidable thing in life, time’s grip. I’m not just talking about in love, life in general is governed by an atomic mix of circumstances that can trigger an end result depending on the elements involved…and I thought I’d be able to avoid math in life by being involved with the arts, it’s all one big formula.

Then there is always the one thing that swoops in and makes time stand still – a death, heartbreak, shift in priority, pregnancy, job loss. All these variants are just another piece of timing that we can’t control…but I am really starting to question, can we ever really control anything?

A huge piece of control is emotion, therefore how can one control something that they aren’t emotionally invested in? Even if we posses some kind of “control,” can taking things into your own hands really alter the course of reality? It’s hard to believe in fate, but isn’t it curious that some things just fall into the right place, at the right time.

It’s been a long time since I have personally felt that, but I’ve seen it happen to some people lately and I am always in awe of the power of timing. It’s one of those deftly under appreciated powers in this universe and the most frightening thing is you can’t get it back. Time truly waits for no man. Take a second in your day to appreciate that power and the balance between what can be altered and what course is in motion.

On that note, I thought I’d yap about my feelings about dating sites and why I think they don’t work. It fascinates me how many people try to alter their course through these. Sure, you can met someone you have somewhat of a familiarity with but is the stuff it truly takes to make a real adult relationship work there? What do you think? Check it out, bear in mind I’m jaded and bitter. That’s what time does to you 😉


4 thoughts on “Timing: watch the clock tick or take matters into your own hands + New Boxx Talk video

  1. Hey Z! i told you i would let you know when I had my first date from a dating site I said I had joined in another article about “What guys say they want vs. What they really want”. Lo and behold, you’ve written an article specifically about dating websites. How topical of you. haha.

    Anyway, there was a few weeks of messaging each other and eventually made plans for drinks and dinner in the city. I really love the historical downtown area and she’s never been, so I figure drinks at an old Irish bar called Dubliner and then dinner at Fraunces Tavern. Fraunces is another old historical place…..the first restaurant in the city I believe. Casual setting, but very good food and really good beers and just an awesome place. Things went great…..conversation was easy to keep going, we both laughed a lot, dinner was really good and like a gentleman….I paid for everything. We finished dinner and didn’t really want the night to end just yet. She suggested going back to my place which I was surprised by, but we did. Got a cab back, watched some TV, smoked a bit……and then went to bed. She decided to spend the night with me which I was even more surprised by. Nothing happened, and believe me….I was fine with that. We had a really good time, and I wasn’t going to let her not wanting to fool around or have sex get in the way of that. We kissed a bit, but nothing besides that. Woke up in the morning and made our separate ways to work for me, and home for her.

    So, I’m thinking things went pretty well. I send her a text a day after our date, but no response. sent another to see if she wanted to get together again and no response to that either. apparently, they didn’t go as well as I thought. Who knows…..maybe my face looks horrendous in the morning, or perhaps I just farted in my sleep and even in a state of slumber I managed to cause a deal breaker. hahaha. More and more I’m believing I’ve been single for so long because I have yet to meet the person I’m really supposed to be with.

    anyway, love the articles and the vids. keep em coming!

    • Oh man, see THIS is why I am jaded to that. I’m sorry to hear but let me tell you something, being a gentleman is massively commendable. If she didn’t hit you back fuck it for real, you are not alone. I haven’t been on a real date in like a year, it’s hilarious actually at this point.

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