The things I love about the ZUPER BOWL: Wings N Bros

I have watched a handful of Super Bowl’s by now and I gotta say, I do love the excitement of it. Shit talking, liquor, drunken men who are fired up, geographical allegiance, smokeables – it all is one atomic mix of amazingness. With the Giants in the game, locally things have been interesting – I have never seen so many grown men pledge their love so openly before and at times football to me can border homoerotic with a lack of shirt, hugging and touching. All things to me that are…kinda hot.

(Please, no shirt needed bros…)

Anyways, my fave part of Superbowl without a doubt are the wings. The hotter, the better. Add in some zexy blue cheese and/or ranch, we’re pitchin a tent. One of my biggest struggles in life is whether to go with the breaded wings or the bare babies. LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCES:

Breaded goodness smothered in a golden shower of hot sauce

Fried bare appendages smothered in hot sauce + butter

Personally, I get wet for the bare wings with the HOTTEST sauce I can find. The breading adds too much extra casing and a good 100+ calories I could do without with each serving. Either way – these are the staple of a good time for my boca.

What do you prefer and why?


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