The Art of Prowess: International Women’s Day!

Today is international women’s day. We celebrate women striving for progress around the world, making an imprint on history…just to think, 100 years ago women couldn’t even vote in the US and these days, we’re running the show. It’s glorious.

I’m definitely not a girly girl, nor am I a total brute bitch. Women more than ever have been forced to juggle a variety of stresses that men definitely do not face. Do they think we wake up looking this way? Do children suckle the milk of a man’s subtle (or scarily, sometimes NOT subtle) breast? Do men have to endure a week + of pain and physical turmoil monthly just to remain alive and healthy, hell no. Believe me men…shit is NO cakewalk.

What it all boils down to is any way you slice it being a woman in American society is hard. Besides natural factors, there are tons of cultural and social norms we have to evaluate daily. Not to say men aren’t faced with a similar cross to bear, but to be fair…it’s the card our gender is dealt. If men only could feel the heartbreak, strength and courage we carry everyday. Isn’t it ironic how a strong, outspoken woman is still deemed a “bitch” and a man who upholds himself in the same fashion is “assertive.” I’d like to think that some time in my seemingly long lifetime, I will meet the day where gender beyond irrelevant, it’s nixed criteria.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a woman. A friend once told me “you have penis envy,” and perhaps to a point I do, but it’s not the penis I want to posess, it’s the inherent power. Many argue it’s societal, and indeed yes it is but this is the society I and many people I know live in, being blind to it does me no service. On the flipside, there is power in pussy too. Women can manipulate like no man can, we build cities and tear down civilizations…all while wearing cute dresses. We’re all playing a vital game of cards, sometimes the hand is fruitful, sometimes it’s heaping pile of mierda.

What I can say, is being a woman in a male dominate industry has certainly highlighted many biases to me. Sometimes I feel like in my life it may be hard for me to not try and overcompensate for those things that I feel I have had to fight for. Imagine the burn of being a musician and feeling like I have had to fight twice as hard to get anyone to hear me no matter how on top of my game I was….the only benefit to all this struggle I can say, is the sweetness of the win. Embrace it ladies, be good to your fellow women too, they are fighting the same battles as you. Nothing kills me more than a hating ass bitch, we need to stick together, educate and enlighten others….one of the nicest things I could ever hear is “you have inspired me” from another woman. It makes the tears worth every drop.

Wear your strength proudly, stand for something positive and remeber that your BRAIN is your most valuable tool. We have the prowess to change generations of women to come.

One of my fave inspiration females, Tarrie B & My Ruin


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