SXSW 2012 – My Zexy Experience!

Ever since I can remember (…and years of excess have definitely made that a faint experience) I have enjoyed talking to people and music. As a musician, if you want to be in a band, observe other bands or even work with other bands you need to be able to communicate well and charm. Those who don’t end up out quickly, the bottom line is communication in any work field is important but in music because of the community aspect it is critical. Once I realized I wasn’t going to be making my millions from my music career alone, I began to explore working on the journalism and marketing end…alas, that’s how I ended up here. I love every minute of it. It might sound crazy but I genuinely enjoy bullshitting with people, plucking their brains and cracking a smile no matter how tough the exterior. I was born to extract and report, so when I got the offer to do a live video stream for SXSW for Music Choice I had to take it. The madness that ensued was incredible, from Semi Precious Weapons calling me out, to speaking with Kim Fowley who reminded me of an even saucier version of my father, my random chat with Perez Hilton, to choppin it up with Mac Miller, Asher Roth, Wale, BoB, Kreayshawn + more…it was an 8 hour day filled with surprises and laughter. Proud of myself for taking on this challenge and interview 30+ actors, artists, bands and more…this was what I was procreated to do! 🙂

My second SXSW was everything I could have hoped for. For anyone who has never been to SXSW, it is something you should do at least once in your life, especially with the integration of more hip-hop and shifting corporate sponsorship…listen to rad music in small venues and get drunk off of someone else’s dime! Exhausting and enthralling all in one.

Some of the show highlights for me, at least of the few shows I got to see:

50 Cent/Shady Showcase…Big KRIT killed it that day too, but when doesn’t he?

• Suprisingly loved Asking Alexandria live…wonder how they will grow on Mayhem this year

Rick Ross at the Fort…I mean, he played Aston Martin Music who could resist that goodness? Santigold and 2 Chainz also killed it at the Fort

Bad Rabbits + Nneka at the Karmaloop/Mass Appeal party – melody refined

Juicy J at the GLS party. Wiz was out and didn’t say shit, that’s kind of impressive

Some of my fave pics from the trip:

BoB talking about being Scorpios

Perez Hilton...looking pretty sexy these days mang!

Real talk with Wale, scaring him like I usually do to men

Foxy Shazam teachin’ me about the Church of Rock N Roll

The very TALL T Mills

Pete Wentz…I really wanted to ask him about his dick pix but I was good

The fucking USED man, crazy Bert says he listens to Liquid Metal! 🙂

Sam from Motley Crue, Hole, Shift, Peaches – ladies on the drums always warms the heart

Kim Fowley...the things he said off-camera had me DYING

Matt Sorum + Sunset Strip doc dudes…Y U NO reunite real GnR!

Z Trip was the SHIT – we talked about the Rush documentary lol

Semi Precious Weapons…one eerily reminds me of my ex haha

My second interview with Mac Miller, love that kid!

Stylin + sensuality with Miguel

The gorgoeous actress + singer Kat Graham

Fellow KITTY lover & Latin freestyle fanatic, Kreayshawn



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