My band GAZELLE – our EP “Motorcycle” is now out!

It’s been a long time in the making, but our debut EP “Motorcycle” is out now! Please check it out and download for FREE 🙂

For the FULL EP download:

Listen via Soundcloud too:

Please like us on Facebook too!


3 thoughts on “My band GAZELLE – our EP “Motorcycle” is now out!

  1. Reblogged this on The Incoherent Ramblings Of Victor M. Ruiz and commented:
    Been following Zeena Koda for a while on Facebook, Twitter, various sites like Gun Shy Assassin, etc. And although I’ve reached out to her to get her to comment on the Classic Albums Column on my site, I do understand that people are busy, people probably pester her all of the time, or she just isn’t interested. Which is all cool. That said, I logged into wordpress to add something to my Spanish site and noticed that she had added some info on her project Gazelle. I have to say I have never heard her sing before this, and her voice just blew me away. Why someone of this talent isn’t signed is beyond me. In any event, check out their music on soundcloud, or download Gazelle’s Ep for free.

    • Sorry man, I’m not at all trying to snub literally just crazy busy all the time! Thanks so much for checking out my music, seriously appreciate it – it’s my only sanity.

      • Don’t sweat it, I realize you’re extremely busy, and believe me, I understand completely. Good luck with your music, will more than likely feature a track on a future podcast.

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