Short skirts are of importance, food is an afterthought

There was a time where I would go to Duane Reade at 9:30 am, solidly resolve to buy Tostitos and queso and go to town for breakfast. Sometimes I’d kill a huge bag in one day. I also used to be huge fan of Shake Shack and would literally wait until they opened, spying the Shack cam with my friend Mario (RIP to his beautiful soul) then pounce to avoid the line at 11am. Double cheeseburger, cheese fries and milkshakes – all before 12.

Why I thought that this would somehow never catch up with my body is beyond me. I was definitely almost 20 lbs heavier than I am now, but at that time it seemed like a viable nutrition plan. Granted, I was smoking like it was going out of style and spending my days in an emotional haze, but my food choices were of no help. Whenever I would try to “diet” or crash my body into some restrictive eating pattern things would get even worse. It really made me realize how dysfunctional an individuals relationship can be with food and eating. It’s necessary yet enjoyable, food can be cathartic but can also be an incredible demon for so many of us. I’ve spent the last few years coming to terms with my relationship with food and I finally think its clicked – you can’t give it importance or exception.

A good diet will change your fucking life. I used to think this was hippie bullshit but after refining my habits it settled in, what you fuel yourself with determines emissions. Eating past 7 has always meant weight gain for me so I try not to do it. It infuriates me when people try to tell me that’s wrong because it’s MY body. I know how this bitch works by now. For others this isn’t an issue, so eat away while I scowl in envy. It’s one of those things you need to identify and keep it 110% with yourself – everyone has their own body behavior, the trick is learning it. Food doesn’t govern you, you govern it. Like most things in life you make the choice to focus your energy and attention on it, you’ll be disappointed in the obsession. Making obvious healthier choices, not overeating (a huge challenge for me) and putting less emphasis on the activity of eating will make an incredible difference. Exercise will also, change your life. Years ago I viewed it as additional effort instead of utilizing it for stress relief and well-being. Now, a good run takes me to places it’s almost borderline sexual, the sweat, the focus…it’s amazing. Taking your focus off the action of eating and making it less of a factor will aid in any weight loss efforts. I always think of it this way these days…nothing tastes as good as looking good in a dress feels, JUST SAYIN!

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2 thoughts on “Short skirts are of importance, food is an afterthought

  1. Amen sistah!! I need to write down that last sentence on a sticky note and put it everywhere! I’ve gotten to a point where I understand my body, and what works and doesn’t work. My problem is actually putting into action what my body tells me. I think it’s the rebellious teenager coming out. The constant reminding of that is what I need!

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