Diversify your musical portfolio

I’ve spent the last few days working some press dates in NYC with Rza from Wu Tang. It has been a stressful but amazing experience to observe such a multifaceted legend on action. He is one of those characters that upon meeting treats you with absolutely no pretense and gives his full attention to the conversation at hand, no matter who you are. Seeing him rock Brooklyn hard the other night also reminded me that he is a man who works hard and plays hard. Much respect to him and his vision, it’s inspiring – the life of a rock star is not easy to maintain and enjoy thoroughly.

(the money shot with Rza)

From this experience, I have been feeling optimistically inspired by his determination because that’s the shit legends, icons are made of. It’s a rare occasion someone hits you that hard so it pained me to log on to Instagram where I posted pics of that night and have a listener say “I might have to un-follow you not to destroy my illusion of Liquid Metal.” Absolutely nothing irritates me more. If you’re looking to torch the fake of the village, you certainly have come to the wrong trick. My openness to the many facets of my life alone testifies my willingness to be honest and true about my diversity. I can guarantee you that my overall musical knowledge is a force to be reckoned with, I have love for ALL kinds of music, fuck even artists I do not like I can often find an appreciation for. I will not apologize for loving ALL genres of music because as a musician and an educated human being I embrace diversity. Anyone who criticizes having a diversified musical palate is only doing themselves a disservice. Let me blow your mind right now: I’ve met several musicians from metal bands who have a serious love for hip hop and admittedly told me they barely listen to metal anymore. To categorize and alienate your possible musical growth by being ignorantly judgmental also fundamentally goes against everything metal was built on. Opening your mind to all kinds of music will only help you in life and doesn’t mean you can’t retain a special love, appreciation and even knowledge of a specific genre.

I did not grow up in an area where more than 10 people I knew liked rock music and I was always the rebel in that sense, the “rock chick/crazy witch chick” in a straight up urban environment. Times were different then and I had to learn everything one way, by listening to multitudes of music and going to shows outside of my area. I will never forget the amount of flack I got for being someone different but I didn’t let it phase me, I had the foresight to not care even at a young age. I never criticized hip hop, in fact I always had a deep respect for it because I was surrounded by it. Bottom line – good music transcends any genre, if you can’t understand that I cannot help you. If it shatters the illusion of who you think I am when I go out to see live music of all genres, I cannot help you. I’m a musician, I appreciate and love going to see fellow musicians of all kind translate their art. If being informed and diverse offends you, too bad. Ironic that I fought to defend my love for  metal so hard only to get backlash when I embrace other things I enjoy.  A lot of people like to say they are true to themselves but will change stance and opinion at the drop of an opportunistic dime. I am not one of those people. There are plenty hardcore and metal bands I have championed for over the years for the sole purpose of getting good music heard. I believe in people, well intentioned, hard-working talented people. Seeing someone who is sick at their craft makes me want to be a soldier for you because I know how rare it is to see true talent.

Diversify your musical portfolio and reap the benefits. Let’s start with some of the new Converge, because frankly it’s blowing my mind. Happy Friday! ❤


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