Heels, a visual manifestation of #ladyshit

I recently dug up an artifact at my mothers house, a day by day breakdown of horoscopes based on various personalities aligning with your astrology. The book boiled down Scorpio women as “part tomboy part femme fatale,” which I found to be a very astute, accurate way to describe my personality. When I wear a pair of heels, I feel like one HELL of a woman…probably because I clock in at almost 6 foot, but it definitely puts me on eye level with most men. As a kid, I resisted wearing heels for so long because as a raging tomboy I could not bring myself to wear anything that slowed me down. Little by little I caved into my deep seeded girlie desires and strapped on a pair of heels – my life has never been the same. Men know what’s good, frankly a dame in heels – no matter how questionable the looks or body, will always come off a little better. It’s our one guaranteed chip for sexiness, that’s of course as long as you know how to walk properly in them. Every pair has it’s own swing and rules, it’s an intimate relationship only a woman can share with her shoes.

Recently I was faced with a day in my life that I found my self truly questioning if I should wear a pair of heels, not because I wanted to necessarily but because I genuinely felt that if I didn’t I wouldn’t feel like a real adult next to the company I was meeting with. This was a signature moment in my life where I definitely realized, fuck, I’m a lady. Yes, I love heels when I have a car readily available to whisk me away and the ability to walk at a slinky snails pace, but the reality of NYC is we need to get places that are long distances away and we need to get there FAST. There is a level of dedication that goes into a day and/or night of wearing heels that men (at least those not inclined to cross-dress) will never know. It’s imperative that every woman has that go-to pair of flats that can easily be swapped out for what I like to call “the great NYC change out.” We’ve all done it, it’s just a part of being a woman in a city where heels are an expected norm. Of course on that day, I rocked the heels – bootie Dolce Vita’s in fact and I felt like a million bucks. Sure, I changed out the minute I stepped foot outside of the building but I made it work for the time I needed to. That my friends, is real #ladyshit and no matter who you are or what you do, as a woman we all go through these growing pains. I run, to keep the legs in shape so the minute I put the hoof in, I’m off with the wind. Oddly, I kind have begun to embrace it and like many ladies am an avid heel collector. If we have to suffer through this questionable life, why not look and feel like a million bucks.

If you want to feed the beast, check this site out – pure crack: http://www.solestruck.com/

And one of my fave pairs of heels below…


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