Me, I want more…

Everyday I notice how more self-absorbed we have become as a culture, spending more time glued to our phones virtually living out life instead of actual interactions. Some could argue that technology like smart phones enabling social technologies haven’t replaced interaction but instead made it more immediately accessible. I dig, but hasn’t it almost made everyone more of a creep? Instead of calling a friend to see how they have been, personally checking in, the comfortably casual distanced virtual avenues offer an easier way out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the queen of creep castle. My curiosity of many different lives, lifestyles and cultures will always draw me into fly on the wall capabilities. However, I do think this detachment from normal, face to face, voice to voice communication is dangerous to future generations. I remember time where I would fall asleep on the phone with an ex boyfriend and not think twice, I wanted to be on that personal level of communication. These days you’d be hard pressed to find someone who even picks up the phone to call at all. Even our parents text, email and Facebook.

I know this sounds like a hypocrite parade since you are probably reading this through the devices of a social networking but I’m not talking about mass communication. The personal connection we share via social avenues can either augment or hurt our relationships and it seems with every passing year the informality, context becomes status quo. When it is the primary and not the secondary, you know things are a changin’.

Think about it this way: lovers would write letters across oceans and foreign lands, waiting months to hear and receive a hand WRITTEN note. Waiting by the window hardcore.

(Could have been me!)

These days a simple text, Facebook message, Insatgram reply and like, Tweet, email, etc. will suffice. The art of mystery and longing…gone. Yes, it’s a good thing in some instances, but there is a certain sadness it brings to me. Most phone calls I receive are from older people, especially men. Very ironic considering their younger counterparts rarely do they same, but I must say that it creates a different bond between two people. Language, context, vocal indications – all of these things are building blocks of communication and closeness. Nothing like a killer phone conversation to cement a bond.

The difficulty of communication in the past made it more valuable and important to the individual. With information being thrown like aimless shit on the wall these days, the inevitable offspring is a loss of personality and connection. It’s frightening, what will our children have to look forward to? I’ve made a resolution to call people more this year becuase why not, after all we are all living and breathing vessels that want more out of life. Pick up the phone and make it happen, you never know when you might not be able to again.


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