Nothing Goes To Waste: Re-purposing leather + other preserved carcasses

Weird title…I know, it is close to Halloween after all.

I walked by a stoop sale the other day a saw one of the most vile objects I’ve ever seen in my life, naturally I picked it up. Propped up like a taxidermy experiment gone wrong was a small, clutch sized armadillo purse. The re-purposed animal carcass was one thing, but the real selling point were the two tiny nubbin hands clasping each side of the purse. Flat out creepy, in a cutesy kinda way (see below).

I know many hardcore vegan friends that might have potentially passed out at the sight but I can’t help but think, isn’t passing an item on like this a beneficial thing? I can’t foresee a day on my life where I’ll be so staunchly compelled to grab a gun and sacrifice an innocent animal for a fashion item. However, if it already exists in the universe isn’t it better to  pass the item along, reuse and re-purpose? Why let the animals life be in vain, in some respects it’s legacy will live on for years to come if cared for the right way. This thought first came to mind when I bought another pair of leather boots at a street sale, the owner hardly wore them and had I not ended up the owner they might have been disposed. It stirred up some thoughts in my hippie leaning, hazed mind – isn’t it better to reuse and re-purpose items made of real animal? I also look to one of my best friends who sports a mink every winter like its a personal home, I fucking love that thing. She too received it as a hand me down from someone who passed away, it almost has a life of its own at this point affectionately deemed amongst our friends as “da mink.” It lives on and probably will be passed down for future generations of opulence, which reminds me of the value of reuse and re-purposing especially with items that were once living.

Coming from a immigrant background where Filipinos live the credo “nothing goes to waste” and it has always been stressed to me that when an animal dies, utilizing all parts of the animal is only right. I can totally understand the peril of my vegan and animal rights friends when even thinking about this subject, especially because I too am a big animal lover. However, for those items already floating around the universe and for those who do not come from the same school of thought, isn’t it better to re-use those items instead of going for new blood? After this personal revelation, I’m making it a point to cherish those items and try to always go for the old to give it some due, instead of encouraging the commerce of the new.

For some reason, writing this reminded me of this scene…ENJOY BAY BAY!


2 thoughts on “Nothing Goes To Waste: Re-purposing leather + other preserved carcasses

  1. I am all about reusing things! I may be vegan but I’ve gotten a few leather things and non vegan items from dumpster diving. My only “beef” is the example or message it sends. I’m all for Sylvia wearing whatever the fuck she wants it just furthers the fashion of skinned animals (and skin smells pretty bad after all those chemicals have treated it). You may buy something on a stoop but if someone likes what you have, they usually seek out new ones which causes more suffering. It’s a vicious cycle, brah. That being said, the bag is suuuuper cute and creepy.

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