The successful evolution of an alpha female

Few things challenge your domestication like baking a pie. There’s pre-game preparation, strategic gathering of key ingredients, a certain level of discretion when determining baking time and several other X lady factors. It’s one of the pinnacle achievements of ladyhood and certainly one of the certain qualities needed to be crowned an alpha female. As I was baking a pie earlier this week I revealingly admitted to my friend: “I’m going to be one of those mad moms who makes the best item at the bake sale because no way in hell am I going to raise some pussy, whack kid whose baked goods suck.” Probably in my best interest to invest in a good apron and boxing gloves.

I believe every killer alpha female should be able to accomplish most of the following things:
• Bake a pie
• Change a flat tire
• Walk like a goddess in 5 inch heels
• Play multiple sports
• Be resourcefully creative & artistic in daily life
• Fuck like a champ
• Drink gratuitous amounts of whiskey and retain composure
• Wear red lipstick with pride
• Use power tools
• Birth a child
• Tri-fold a fitted bed sheet (ask me for my trick)
• Give a soothing massage
…in a nutshell, enjoy and thrive in every facet of life despite traditional gender roles.

[something like this bitch but Filipino, sadly too few pinups of us ethnic ladies ]

Believe me, this is a very hard goal to accomplish and in many ways almost a damning one. I’ve had a few men tell me one of my biggest turn offs is my extreme independence, almost an unwillingness to take help. I find this to be hilarious because it’s all a perception that is based on an antiquated school of thought. When I’m ready to be a woman for someone and want them to be a man in turn for me, the guard is totally gone. It’s a gamble I guess but for the alpha female it is a lifelong battle of personal determination and bizarre expectation. We as women are emotional creatures, even when we don’t want to show it to retain a image of strength. I’ve discovered a key piece of the art is in learning how to balance your care and consciousness of your emotional output. I probably fail at this hardcore most days but you can’t build an everlasting bridge overnight right? It’s human nature to attract ourselves to things and concepts out of our reach and a true alpha female cannot fall prey to those traps. Almost bro like in theory, the idea of alpha domination is competitive in nature. There is absolutely nothing wrong with striving for more and asserting yourself for success and the longevity of your legacy. As women it’s built into our DNA, we didn’t choose to care more than men it fell upon us, I theorize due to our ability to birth another life. That protective instinct is strong with us whether we’re protecting an infant or getting ready to shank a bitch who touched our man.

Balance is the key to not letting this galvanized facet of our nature dissipate chances of achieving the title. Personal protection and development mixed with compassion, humility and a willingness to learn is incredibly valuable. Always respectfully doing what needs to be done with class and dignity, that is the lifelong mission of the alpha female. Looking exceptionally good, exuding confidence while balancing tenderness and representing something true and pure… that is the perfect storm for claiming the throne.

PS – in my research stumbled on this, it cracked me up because vice-versa could be said for the male counterparts:


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