Hurricane logic, honing in on some meaning behind the Sandy madness

Hurricane Sandy was a merciless drive by.  I definitely did not anticipate the amount of random madness I experienced as a result of what was seemingly a minor storm to me. You hear the news warnings, yet like a weaning relationship, you gasp for every last breath of denial until reality sets in. This could never happen here, never in my lifetime…and yet of course it did. When you’re isolated, resourcefulness takes on a different light. Certainly not in a negative way but valuing every small convenience becomes more and more important. So many thoughts, so many different conversations.

A few revelations I had:

  • You can’t replace a good, loyal, patient friend
  • Without connective technology we’d all be lost. Phone (SERVICE even), TV, Internet, texts –  its our blood line these days
  • Hurricane “hot/thirst” and any other variant of one of those terms is real. Hashtag worthy happenings everywhere!
  • There is more than one way to effectively do a burpee, don’t let anyone tell you differently
  • To get through a crisis, you have to be ready for any situation, at any time, at any cost
  • Some people can surprise you if you listen, especially those you don’t know well yet
  • A widespread gas shortage could bring down the world…seriously, the offspring of effects when gas is scarce could be heavily catastrophic

In the wake of trying to decipher exactly all of this has brought on me, I cant help by admire the random world I saw when it was slowed down. We spend so much time fixated on balancing multiple things, vying to be  a jack/ess of all trades when life in general is a grueling multitasking exercise. Seeing things simplified I realized how fun it is sometimes just to get to know people better. Stopping to have a real conversation versus the usual hit and run. Learning about others can help you to extract so much out of yourself. In this roller coaster world where complexity is a norm, simplicity can be a very refreshing, fulfilling thing.

And makes for some CRAZY memes!



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