Falling + Failing Productively

I’m ballsy as fuck when I know my success rate is turned in my favor but when uncertainty is overbearing, it’s a surefire bet that I will recess. Chances are much easier identified than taken with ease and although treading through life successfully can be a real roller coaster ride, sometimes a physical manifestation of conquering fears can be a great reminder. Two things recently jogged up interesting feelings within me: learning how to effectively rock climb/belay and watching an informational interview about Alzheimer’s. I know, weird combo, but it really is the small things and thoughts in life sometimes that hit you the hardest.

Here are the major points I pulled from my analysis:

When you try, there is potential to fall.

We all will inevitability fail at one point.

We all collect memories and moments in our bank to one day look back upon with disdain or fondness.

The physical motion and action of falling certainly instilled a feeling within me about the things we fear the most. Feeling that drop, letting go of that fear is something anyone can identify with. Self preservation factors in harbody, survival becomes instinctual and as you dangle from a rope helmed by another flawed human you immediately realize – if I can do this and not die, I can conquer anything. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find me hanging off a cliff in Arizona anytime soon for thrills but erry now and then you need to FEEL that sentiment, know that fear isn’t truly REAL it exists in your mind. As I get older I feel like chances are so much more necessary to make any real movement, as scary as the prospect of failure can be without the fall, you stand still. It molds together as a cerebral and physical connect that results in action, progression. Runnin’ up that hill all day, rampantly running off the fumes of memories and present situations.

Which brings me to the second stop on revelation road, the thought of memories. Moments snowball into minutes, minutes launch into hours, days, months, years…it’s a lifetime of collective moments. Listening to an expert’s opinion on Alzheimer’s and what “memories” can be identified as really opened up my mind to living in the present moment. Often I catch myself dwelling on things way longer than I need to, pouring over seemingly precious memories that are no longer the reality of the present. When we lose a connection with those memories, what is their real value? As reassuring as those memories can be, it’s important not to lose sight of the present and more importantly, the prospect of the immediate future. When you live a life filled with burns and lifts this principle can become diluted, you just have to stop and smell the fucking roses. Not the dead roses, but the buds that are in bloom.

Happy, snowy, thinking 🙂

K Bizzle





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