Parade of chaos: Daily stress + time management

Every morning I take the PATH train to work and see masses of people suffering from all degrees of exhaustion. Those who are lucky enough to grab an actual seat are usually battling between a state of nodding off, reading fervently in preparation for the day’s activities or blankly staring into the commuter vortex, dreaming of coffee. Pace is the trick in the NYC lifestyle and keeping up with whatever speed best suits is taxing on the body and mind.We’re all under a sufficient amount of stress, pop in families and actual responsibility, it truly BLOWS MY MIND that anyone can pull this off with grace. I read an article in some nail salon celebrity taboo magazine yesterday about how Gwen Stefani was on the verge of a “breakdown” due to time stresses. Of course they chose to highlight the one semi-mediocre pic of her expressing a face of grimace, but I refuse to believe Gwen will break, in my eyes she will always be a champion. It occurred to me as an uber stressed stretched thin 20-something still striving for success whilst child and marriage free – how the fuck does she find the time to do everything she does?! Most importantly, where is the line in the balance between home, family and married life with your career? To be a woman is to come to the lifelong realization that when something comes, something must also go. Even perfection incarnate like Gwen has to make that choice daily. Fame, success, beauty and not even the hands of time could alleviate those real life stresses. It’s a choice we make daily, whether consciously or not. What will we focus out energy on today?

(NEVER MY GWEN, she’s too fabulous. You pop out kids & still have swag this turnt up, it’s a homerun.)

Nothing reeks of failure more than time lost to me. Optimists will tell you it’s all “part of the process, it’s never a waste of time” but I beg to differ. Time is money whether it be currency, emotion or actual physical effort. I try to always spend efficiently but every day is a crap shoot. A daily lotto ticket that may or may not pan out in winnings but as they say, you gotta be in it to win it. Work in itself is exhausting but factoring in how hard emotions can be to process it’s almost a wonder anyone has it together. It’s always a balance of heart against mind and prioritizing based on a random set of criteria. I’ve grown a new found respect for those working mothers who wake up at 5 to train at the gym, pack lunches, bake cookies, run companies and make it home all in time for a bed time story and quickie with the hubby. It’s an envious position that comes with a cost and a load of self-sacrifice. Partying and living selfishly is almost an easier way to approach life becuase once any dependence lands on your lap all of those prorities shift and the stress kicks in. Uttmost respect and my hat off to everyone out there dealing with juggling all these things and making it through on top. The key? I’d venture to say keeping vices to a low, keeping your body exercised/healthy, eating naturally and of course, allowing you mind and soul time to decompress.


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