“Wait, you actually like going to Latin Lounge don’t you?”

My feelings towards dancing have always been conflicting. It seems like a trivial thing to obsess over but I can remember being a soccer playing, hockey lovin tween tomboy and thinking “dancing is for pussies, no way I’ll ever enjoy it.” Of course as time rolled on and maturation set in along with a pair of ample tits, I began to hang out with many more girls who were obsessed with hot boys and dancing. (Maybe my agenda hasn’t changed SO much since the 8th grade…) Because most of my gal pals were of some kind of Latin decent and I myself have some of that blood, dancing was a natural part of many days. What I came to later realize was that same passion I felt compelling me to move in a mosh pit is the same feeling that makes someone move their hips, shake their ass. They’re fucking FEELIN it, literally.

As a chica who also had an obsession with bands that most girls would only give two shits about if they were hawking a member, I always found myself split between two worlds of shaking my ass and punching someone in the throes of pit action. I recently did an interview where I actually wore that experience with a badge of honor, it’s something not everyone can understand. No matter what type of music, it’s a certain individual who is physically moved by it. In a sense I feel that movement inspired by music aka DANCING is something people need in their lives. I grew up with little money, singing and dancing were free so we did it…and we did it a lot. It was always mind blowing to me as well that so many metal, hardcore and rock lovin’ friends of mine were shocked that I also loved to go out and dance to hip-hop and the wonderful plethora of Spanish music. Cryin’ shame in my opinion that people can be so one dimensional that they cannot feel or understand another form of expression.  Maybe that’s what growing up in meager conditions teaches you to appreciate every little thing you have especially those entertaining facets within yourself and that you can create. The more I danced, the more I got it. Also, as a performer being attuned with that skill and sense allows you to frivolously move about and not care. Who gives a shit how you look, you’re too busy rockin. Did Hendrix second guess his appearance? Janis Joplin think twice about looking like a crazy madwoman? Fuck no, the music takes over your body, your soul. It’s an inexplicable feeling and one I am glad to feel every time I shake my ass, pop that or coil myself around a microphone.



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