Strangers to friends, to more than friends, back to strangers again


Valentines Day has always seemed like a senseless “holiday” to me. If you’re in relationship or married, time is spent pining over what expensive expression your beloved will receive. If you’re single like myself, the thousands of obnoxious “love ya babe’s” surrounding you will be a lovely reminder, whether it affects you or not. Even more hilarious are those tweener situations where either a) someone is expecting a fanfare and you don’t care (also vice versa), b) you’ve only gone on a few dates and are unsure of the situation or c) on your way to a grand exit while Vday sucks one last drop of blood out of you.  So much weight is invested into a day of notion when in reality you should value them in small ways daily. Don’t get me wrong, no one loves flowers more than me but I prefer them on a day where price inflation isn’t an issue. Saving money is love, we all work really hard for that shit!

I saw a Tweet awhile ago that really put the ebb and flow of modern relationships in perspective for me:
Simple, yet so heavy hitting. I pride myself on being friendly with at least 90% of people I have dated on some level. In my eyes, I like so few people that if I found something endearing about you enough to invest my time, I generally am interested in you as a person and like to keep communication open. What makes me sad sometimes is realizing that someone you held in such high regard at one day becomes practically a ghost to you. There’s always that threshold point where it becomes evident and it’s usually when a communication line is thrown by one party and dissed, whether upfront or subliminally by the receiver. You think back to the hope, intensity and absolution. How could something this real in my heart turn to absolutely nothing the end? Well, consciousness is a funny thing. Like that movie 500 Days of Summer, perception and reality within love, lust and the grey can be a dangerous thing. We base feelings off of utility, when it is lost there isn’t much more to build a feel off of. It could mean everything one day and little the next, which brings in that “stranger” part of my aforementioned fave quote. In dating and life so many people think and act in black and white. Clearly I am a fan of the grey and do not believe everything is so absolute. As emotionally connected to a situation as we may be, detachment shouldn’t always equal removal but I’m not idealistic enough to believe it is the same school of thought for others. Connecting with that consciousness and focusing on acceptance is a useful mechanism whether you are single or in relationship bliss, nothing is perfect and if one person walks away for good you can always recall on the good and bad memories to inspire emotional growth.

Happy Valentine’s day! A lil Thin Lizzy to leave you off with today 🙂


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