I’m in the market for a used time machine…

If I had a dollar for every time myself or a friend around me lamented about the “glory days,” I’d be making it rain on strippers daily. The past is such a tricky mistress, if you keep going back to it you’ll never have a clear future and if you move too far forward without acknowledging its power, you might lose everything learned within that time period. Recently I randomly had an ominous character from my past confront me out of the blue and it impacted me so hard it made me realize what a powerhouse punch the past holds. Intuitively we as humans cannot help but draw reference from certain things, people, places and circumstances we have felt comforted in/with. Believe me, getting over past situations gone wrong (and right) has been a lifelong cross for me to bear too. The concept of “what if” is a particularly solid point of contention for many of us – thoughts of “if only I did this better” or ” in a different time.” It’s only natural to look to the present and future, thinking equally about how your past has affected your outlook and even behavior. However, what becomes scary and ultimately detrimental is an outright inability to forget that past which shaped us, living in the past does no one any good.

We’ve all been ripped up from a situation and tested to the core. I’ve even thought often “it will never get better than this in my life,” yet somehow it always gets better. That’s the curious thing about letting go, once you do it a world of opportunity opens up. Even if it isn’t the same feeling, it is a different shade of that sentiment. One thing we can never forget is the role our internal evolution plays into our perspective of here and now. You are not the same viewer of this shit show we call life at any given time. We all look at the past fondly, hindsight is always going to offer us skewed or 20/20 focus on what a situation really was. That’s the beauty of reality, it has no way of concealing itself for too long. The past, is in the past. For all its beautifully destructive highlights to the times that are positively etched on your heart, the past is still a dead concept. Holding on to it can only harm and if paths are meant to me crossed, I believe that the energy of the world will somehow bring things to a collision point. Why spend time focusing on what is done? You can’t move forward looking behind 🙂

A pertinent jam…they need to get on making some new music!


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