Me, myself and I: 5 tips for cutting the static out of our daily lives

In NYC you’re never alone with your thoughts. Between holding your breath through smells of the most vile kind, playing real life Mario Bros with the mass of sheep, or involving yourself with many of its beautiful poisons – your thoughts swim in a vat of interplay with these variables. Distractions can make life fly by in the blink of an eye when things move this quickly. Resting almost feels indulgent at times because surely there are many who thrive off way less. The mass of static makes it easy to remain as famous or anonymous as you want, whatever the world is serving up today. It’s a thrill every day but makes it almost impossible to decipher how you truly feel at any moment. How do you rid yourself of every day static? Here are 5 sure-fire remedies:

5. Cut out overly chatty people
I’m a talker. Often I find myself surrounded with other chatty people who care deeply to verbally disclose every corridor of their mind. Some days I indulge but often I step back and think to myself “this is a lot of external shit to take in.” This doesn’t mean you need to axe your most vocal compadre for good, but I do believe limiting your intake can do a world of good. Noise is static and the more that flows through your mind, the more you have to process – willingly or not.

4. Stop fixating on a fantasy
Man, I am the QUEEN of this. “May, be”  is usually my go to thought over “leave it alone.” Perhaps it’s my need for a challenge, a good ol shit show to get me feeling again but I now know fantasy is trouble. Fantasy projection detracts from the here and now, which inherently will cause more static. Take the cues and cut out the excessive fixation on dreams, I’m sure somewhere in the mix of all that one projection is sure to manifest itself.

3. Write down your thoughts and re-assess at a later time
Huge. Especially in this technologically plugged in world, there’s no need to let anything slip away. Frankly, there’s too much to remember now so dumping some mind meal on to the plate frees up reserves to focus. Why carry the static when you can compartmentalize for sanity? Much easier to reserve that stress and analysis for another time. It’s a numbers game, reduce the number of immediate thoughts and you’ll cut down the static immensely.

2. Stop being so goddamn nosy
Creeping is one of my favorite yet most detrimental activities in life. If you go looking for something, you may not like what you find. The worry, speculation and subsequent anger is nothing but static. How can you ever see clearly in a mad world? Leave something to the imagination because knowing everything is overrated. Ignorance is bliss!

1. Buy an incredible pair of earphones
For anyone living in an urban environment and utilizing mass transit, a pair of good headphones is gold. Whether you’re canceling out the rude assholes having a loud conversation in a silent train or zoning into your favorite love song, it is a key filter. The truth is every noise is a distraction, an aural roadblock to ridding internal static. Invest in a killer pair and reap the ability to centralize and control that focus.



2 thoughts on “Me, myself and I: 5 tips for cutting the static out of our daily lives

  1. I tend to get “how can you like metal and like crap like that” Depeche Mode is easily one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time. Without them there would be no Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Static X, etc.

    With regards to the rest of your post, it’s all part of the process of getting older, and the influence/surrounding you have. Growing up in Jersey, noticed a lot of the same things, and a lot of those points either come with the territory of being from the Garden State or Latino surroundings IMO. I wouldn’t stress too much, just all part of the process, and better you see what’s before you and move forward accordingly, and not be ignorant to what you have in front of you.

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