You’re the reason I cannot forget this season.

Every year I look forward to an intense summer of debauchery, loads of alcoholic intake and beaching every possible free day. Undoubtedly as I get older, the more people intensely fall in and out of that equation. Some willingly, but sadly some unwillingly. Sitting on my porch last night soaking up the last of my temperamentally induced bliss, I thought intensely about the power of seasons. Maybe I was a little lifted, or even under the influence of its closing spell, but with every season comes potential for a new and fresh feeling. Every season has its possibility and we hold the power to manipulate it whatever way we need to.

We’re fixated on the commercial aspects that serve as friendly, financially beneficial reminders of a season’s end or birth. Think the first pumpkin coffee of the season, debut of Santa on the advertising threshold, or even spotting that first cute bikini top in your favorite store. We are conditioned to retain this info at the same time, every year. As someone who has become accustomed to this coupled with weather changes to parallel, it seems absurd to experience them the same way in a place where the weather always stays the same. Whenever people who I knew as east coast die-hards move to LA, one of the top things they convey is how amazing it is to feel almost the same temperature everyday. Being the cynical shitbag I am,  I can’t help but find that a little creepy and jarring. It’s incomprehensible for someone like myself who has come to crave pulling out that first scarf, loving that first day of glory pants free or mourning the loss of my sanity in the dead of winter snowfall. It’s dawned on me that I’ve begun to find structure in the familiarity of a time period. The fall finds me reflective of the usually careless activities I partake in during the summer, the winter leaves me craving something substantial and real. No matter what season, I guess I’m lucky to make it out alive at most points.

Who (or what) weaves the fiber of these seasons? It’s a combo of environmental influence and of course that dreaded scarlet X factor, other people. Over the course of the last year I have tried to reform and shape my thoughts on other people and the roles they play in the seasons of my life. Whenever you speak to someone who “had to move away” to “clear their head” it makes all of the sense in the world. Moving forward into a season with dead weight can be a huge detriment to your development. It’s the people who shape each season that make it unforgettable and situations that are fueled by positive company make for the best memories. Living in a gorgeous climate without the people who get you, will not yield the same results. I also can’t imagine a life without knowing pain was inevitable. As sadistic as it sounds, there is something beautiful depressing about those deep winter months. The culmination of loneliness, reflection and artistic interpretation always yields great artistic results. It inspires movement, creativity and even tears – some may see this as a bad thing but pain is one of the best ways to gauge if you still feel alive. Embrace the season with reason and purpose, let the chips fall where they may 😉


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