I’m ’bout to

The ease of technology has tempted the inner-flake in all of us. It’s become easier than ever to make false promises and proposals without consequence or even a second thought. Growing up, flakiness was never a option for me because my mother instilled in me the priceless value of keeping your word. In an age where communication flows through a sea of distanced words and interactions, it seems that flakiness is just an inherent variable. I’ve had multiple people I know vent to me about flakiness in others, only to later on flake out on me. Many times I know it is not even coming from a place of malice but it has exponentially grown over the past few years. We are all byproducts of our intent, action, upbringing and past experiences

I find millennials to be some of the worst offenders. Perhaps it’s the fact they have been bombarded with ease since birth. I don’t know one 21/22 year old who knows the perilous book balancing act that was a library visit for a report. Looking up catalog numbers on a then antiquated amber and black screen, getting in cardio running around the corridors of a silent library and feeling the annoyance when you had to lug all 30 pounds of tree dump back a week later. Effort, dedication, legwork – the internet made all these actions unnecessary. With ease comes apathy, with apathy comes a devaluation of meaning. When you want to embody something it takes and incredible amount of dedication and sacrifice which leaves no room for flakiness. I’m probably guilty of looking at “flakiness” from a more moral standpoint than situational variable but I now realize that is a signature of my formative years. If I didn’t do what I was told or complete a task, I physically got knocked for it. There was no room for debate, only completion no matter what I missed out on or felt personally. We have too many choices today, multiple distractions per hour that multiply to over stimulation and result in us plucking out only shiny diamonds. The problem is action, duty and following through have their utilities. From unpleasant feelings comes lessons and there is something endlessly endearing about someone who gives their word and follows through. When you find those people who rarely flake give them precedence, they are a rarity of character and mind. It’s not the individual moments that create lasting bonds, it’s the consistency of efforts. If you settle for the air of mediocrity being a flake brings it will only devalue your stock. The more time  passes, the more steadfastly adhere to those old-school principles of honoring your word. There have been plenty of times this has inconvenienced me, but I sleep easy at night knowing I’m not a bullshiter and a woman of my word. Whatever gets you through the day with your sanity right?

They say behind every cynic is a disappointed romantic, over the last few years I’ve really come to understand the power behind that statement. It’s finding those few glimmers of promise while drowning in a vat of shit that keeps me ticking. Following through and valuing your word, those are qualities that are priceless and don’t go unrecognized. 2014 is a great opportunity to make every word and opportunity count.



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