5 essential shoes all women must own by their late 20’s

Lady shit, it creeps in with a quickness. Between multitudes of friends getting married, job obligations and other random grown-up clothing occasions, it is inevitable that by 30 you’ll acquire a wide variety of hooves. When I look at the priorities in my life, questing for the perfect shoe comes up a quick third (after music and hot men, duh) and I’m not mad at it. If you’re living in a city you also know the peril of the late night shoe swap. You bring your rattiest flats, stuff them into every inch of your trade-off night purse and get ready to dance in stilettos until those bitches need to make an appearance. Saviors I tell ya, there’s nothing like the feeling of liberation when you throw those things on. By your late 20’s, early 30’s you become realistic about the essentials and recognize that quality trumps quantity any day. It’s all about the time & the place, here are some mainstays in a developing woman’s closet:

1. Converse Chuck Taylor’s and/or a pair of Vans
Both of these brands are a staple in my collection. It’s ludicrous to think about how many pairs I have owned over the years. I find hi-tops to be a perfect alternative to sandals in the summer, one of the few that allows you the option of no socks. Also, one of the few types of sneakers that you can wear with skirts and dresses confidently. Get those calves looking right and let those gams shine.


2. Black stilettos
Anytime there is a black stiletto reference one thing comes to mind: 80’s hooker. A woman’s collection can only benefit from those sassy little torture devices. Invest the 1-3 bennys on a nice leather (or vegan leather for my carrot loving frenz) and get your money’s worth. Timeless style that can interchange with many outfits and getting through an entire night in these things will be your true lady gauge.

3. A black pair of flats
Because you need something to swap out to when you fail at lasting through #2.

4. Heeled boots
The winter has to be one of the most annoying times in footwear. No matter what you do, a sock or stocking will always be there to cockblock your selection. Although sometimes it can look adorable (if you’re going for that Asian ho look as I often do), it truly limits the capability of an outfit to be sexy. A solid heeled boot, preferably one knee length & another pair calf cutoff are lifesavers.

5. Strappy flat sandals
A woman’s feet are a reflection of how seriously she takes her feminine image. Although we all have days where chips occur, keeping your feet polished and pristine should be a big womanly priority year round. Show them off in a stylish yet practical holding vice, a good strappy flat sandal can go a long way in the summer!


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