#cockinasock – a woman’s digital blessing


A little over a week ago, a wonderful phenomenon swept over the digital landscape: #cockinasock. We’re well aware that this mild erotica was cloaked in an awareness guise but if entertaining awareness is wrong, I definitely don’t want to be right. Although I spent a bulk of my evening that first night fantastically perusing the virtual meat market, I did learn some key things.

• Men with nice bodies like to show them off – very few willing entrants were out of shape. We thank god that this is the case because NO one needs to see the ones that did not make the cut, leave that to the imagination.

• Women are still dealing with suppression of our sexuality – openness is still something looked upon unfavorably by the opposite sex. The minute we have interest in anything remotely sexual we’re breaking the Madonna oath we all swore into when we were unwillingly born with our private parts. It’s ironic that men can ogle over woman scantily clad, draped upon magazine covers and consider it “classy” yet the minute ladies dive into the male form it is considered taboo. Whatever, to get equality you have to MAKE equality.

• Some men look considerably better naked. For instance, this gem of a bro that I had one of my snoopy girlfriends find the profile of. Trust, he looks better here than in any of his other pics.


Most days I really hate technology but when I see gold like these arise to my attention, I give it it’s due. Ladies, enjoy that 5 second, 5 minute, or 5 day distraction because it is certainly not anything different than a man would do. We’re all beautiful creatures – god bless the craziness of this world!


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