Mindfulness Over Matter

You ever have a moment in life where you truly believe you might be a little over the top?

Daily actions, reactions and consequences shape who we are, how we will act and subsequently become. Some days I question if I am indeed bat shit crazy and if all the years of happiness, experiences, disappointments and lessons have sculpted this bubbling cannon living underneath my skin. Then I speak to others about experiences in their lives and realize how sane and middle-of-the-road I actually am. Independence and privacy are flagpoles of respect, yet some people can so easily cross that boundary. The true test of how much you value someone else is how far you let them overstep that personal boundary. Sometimes we don’t have much of a choice (irate boss, ranting mom, baby daddy, etc) but most of the time we can set that boundary and adhere to it. People are a lottery of time and place. It’s the luck of the draw.

I’ve only recently discovered through self admission that everyone who reaches a certain age is damaged in one way or another. On the flip side there are also so many people whose strength, maturity and ability to filter out potential anger blows my mind. They develop a keen sense of mindfulness, identifying those factors that create the adversity and negate its power by acceptance. I know this sounds like a heaping load of hippie shit but a friend recently told me I was “so angry” at various things out of my control and it got me thinking about my output into the world. I’m the kind of broad who would rather read a self-help book about spirituality than watch junk-food reality shows. I take my sanity and growth seriously and if others are identifying me as angry, there has to be an air of truth to it. Time to go on a diet and purge that excess weight in my heart. Let’s be real here, anger is a hard emotion not to default to. We’ve all had those days that make it seem like the universe is plotting against us. It’s being mindful of that anger and how it affects you that becomes a task. We tend to cloak anger in injustice, producing reasons for us to sustain those feelings. Perpetuating misery does no one any good. Be mindful of your consumption of all feelings to keep a healthy diet and robust spirit.

Been slaying this mind lube, great perspective:



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