“My babe curve is steep” – What you can learn from having attractive girl friends

When you hear a conceited phrase like “my babe curve is steep” fall out of someone’s mind, you have to really take a step back and look at that person’s confidence level. Maybe they really think their dick is made of gold or supermodels who moonlight as brain surgeons are lining up to be with them. Most likely though, they’re pondering the babe curve in their bed alone while the less pretentious are busy getting it in. The immense ego and privilege behind words like those can only be in turn validated by an equal “babe of all babes.” Rarely does the one who spews such bile, live up to the ideal. People are constantly telling me “you meet the wrong guys/people/etc” but I truly meet one of the most diverse mixes of people and let me tell you, assholes are everywhere. People are only as faithful as their options and boy do the creepers come in with a vengeance some days. I received a message the other morning from some random guy I met at a bar years ago who happened to be a musician. My words can’t replace the gems this dude defecated so check it out for yourself:

This is a typical day in my life, men lusting after my “hot” friends and subsequently creeping on them or dropping hints until I validate their thoughts. I’ll have a girlfriend ask me who someone is only to find out that dude blind followed or friend requested by creeping through my channels. Listen, we all roll the dice and I’ve been known to jump out of my league many a time but thirst is noticeable. Not only is it noticeable, it’s often insulting and cheap – no one feels flattered by a cheap approach. Here are a few thangs I’ve learned from watching dudes try their hand at my amigas:

People will manipulate to any degree to get what they want even if it’s apparently not there

If my girlfriend wanted you, you would know. No amount of words and attempts will manipulate that, people say women are delusional! I’ve seen men believe insane things – the truth is we know within minutes most times if we’re willing to give you a chance. Same goes vice versa, so if it’s not there don’t try to force the square peg into the round hole. The “wear you down” approach doesn’t pan out incredibly for most.

Some men are stupid savages

There are rules, especially if you’re targeting a group. You can’t hit on one friend than move to the next, we do speak, ya know. In fact, the guy who tries to pull this move never gets anyone and is often laughed at by the collective. Pick wisely and commit.

The weak minded will identify themselves quickly

Just like an outfit from Rainbow, the cheap unravels quickly. I’m fortunate to have a gaggle of hot friends who actually are also smart, purpose-filled women who can sift through the fools gold. The youth are willing to believe bullshit but after a certain age, whether we expose it or not – we see you.

No one is out of reach (in theory)

A girlfriend of mine said to me blatantly a few years ago, “if you want a 10, you have to be a 10.” That concept transcends aesthetics because drive, compassion and purpose can make someone infinitely sexy. However, know your boundaries. Like shit is straight offensive sometimes. If you’re a 4, don’t shoot for my 10 friend. Greedy fuckers for real, go for someone more moderate who might actually be into you. They then wonder what happened, why it can’t happen for them but it’s simple – aim realistically. Ladies legit get offended when someone who has little to offer them (whatever that may be because it’s different for everyone) goes in. Manage dem expectations.

It’s rare to find women on the level, intelligent and genuinely supporting other women there with pure heart

Without a doubt. I am infinitely thankful to know so many amazing, beautiful and supportive women 🙂


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