Face to face, with a babe of all babes

We all need something to pass the time. Scoping out potential partners (whatever degree that may be) tops my list of amusements. Have you ever feared looking into someone’s eyes because you know the sheer power they hold? A gaze that can demolish every conviction you’ve ever had? The oblivious dickmatization that is about to occur? Shit is real. You gotta choose that vampire carefully.

The truth is, babes are everywhere and if you choose to half-fill your cup like I do, you can make the most out of every situation. You can learn a lot about babes in their natural environment. When their defenses are down, the confident, comfortable and hopefully well groomed side comes out. There is though, that one illustrious person. Someone who is the total package aesthetically, chemically, and intellectually. That my friends is the time bomb – the babe of all babes. Let us go over some key babes you meet everyday in your quest for the babe of all babes…


Eddie Cibrian = El REY OF BEBS

Work hot babes:
8-9 hours a day with the same people, day after day in an enclosed space. Do the math, you always see what you never thought you’d see. Smaller the quarters, the quicker the bomb blows up. Good bless holiday parties for making fantasies come true!

You into media bro?

Gym hot babes:
Since upgrading my gym experience, let’s just say the scenery improved. Crossfit = mostly fit men working out without a shirt. Good scenery is a great workout motivator and I really love seeing men with nice bodies with no shirt on. The gym is the place to find the babe of all babes because people who take care of their bodies know how to use them. And by use them I mean fuck.

Just another shirtless day at the gym 🙂

Food experience babes:
You know that one semi-cute dude at Starbucks, the only reason you wake up 10 mins earlier to put on make up for? What about the checkout boy with the tattoos at Trader Joes? That 5 min smile and flirt goes a long way for morale, soak it in.

Professional crush babes:
Nothing screams sexy like power, success and admiration. Put that on a nice body with a killer smile and you’ve got a loaded gun. These are always pursuits, whether it’s in the mind or actuality. Respect is key in this one so it rarely pans out, mostly remains a 3AM hand fantasy.

Zane Lowe, marry me?

Commuter babes:
If you’re one of the many blessed to be vacuumed into the sardine can that is the NYC transit system, you get it. There are those people you see everyday on your commute who happen to captivate you for a few seconds. Only the potentially shocking mega babe can warrant a few minutes stare but that is what sunglasses are for…cold creepin. Usually locked away in the fantasy spank bank you can always hope one day you’ll discover that eye-locking mirage on Craigslist Missed Connections. It has to happen for someone right?

You have to delight in everyday flirtations. Observe, learn and communicate – when you finally meet that babe of all babes, you’ll lock eyes and they’ll steal your soul. Happy hunting!


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