She dreams in digital…

Yes, I am aware that boobs sell.

Everything is a numbers game these days. How many likes, how many followers, how many “friends” – everything digitally is quantified. We’re made to feel some kind of way if we’re not engaged or striving for more numbers. The value of anything, ironically even the impact of this post, is measured by how successfully it is spread. Note: not received but spread. We’re living in an age where a person can have 100k followers on Instagram based off of little more than and willingness to take personal pictures daily and share with the fickle and fly-by digital world. The truth is, that same person might be a total tool bag and person and more than likely not even have enough money to buy today’s lunch. Don’t let the numbers deceive you, instant gratification is not real life success. Or maybe it is to some people, they see this level of approval as some ego bounty. Either way – just like MySpace top 8 where are they now hoes before them, everything has it’s time. Longevity lies in legacy, not in what you say you do or mislead the digital public to think, it’s those actual actions.

Isn’t it hilarious that the internet, something meant to be a connector of those in real life, has become it’s own little virtual reality. I sometimes find myself blown away by the amount of followers someone has thinking, “I’ve worked my ass off with integrity for the last 7 years, stuck to my guns yet this dipshit has a stronger presence?!” It’s a strange jealousy because in actuality, who are you? “Fame” is such an interesting concept and those who take the attention they have for granted piss me off sometimes. Use it for good, to stand for something that is meaningful and long lasting. So many people want the shine but don’t wanna put in that work. Like Britney said, you better werq bitch.


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