Goodbye radio, hello podcast: Litterboxx – Episode 1

It’s been one hell of a year. One total life fuck fest that has pretty much uprooted my entire plan. If there is one key thing I re-learned this year it’s that if there is a plan, expect it to be interrupted. The amazing thing about change is how liberating it can be. Who you thought you’d be, what you cared about, things one immediately important to you – all kinda walk out the door when you’re ready to let go. I’ve been writing this blog for about 2 1/2 years as an outlet for everything I could never say on the radio, a place to critically think about my daily life above and beyond the musical aspects. I can’t fake it, it’s hard for me to give a fuck about surface things and I truthfully never got into this to be famous or meet rockstars – I’m just madly in love with music.

My greatest goal in life is to inspire, more specifically to inspire other women to be as candid and confident as possible. The music industry is insidiously mysogynisitc and after awhile it’s so sadly ingrained that as a woman you don’t even think twice about the inequality. It’s always been a Jezebel-suckin dream of mine to create a platform where real women can speak their minds. A place where the duality of wanting to throw on a pair of heels while swigging whiskey listening to Sick of It All would never be questioned. The mainstream has narrowed down women to two useful categories: sexy and homely. Either you exploit your sexuality to entice or get to work as the barefoot and preggo bride you were meant to be. In the eyes of the mainstream, Hilary Clinton cries, she’s weak and unstable but a male counterpart cries, he’s passionate. Shit legitimately infuriates me, we should be able to express whatever emotions and opinions we want without discrimination.

I’m not some mad, yapping clam that wants to abolish the patriarchy. What I am is realistic and after my experiences as a woman in this biz for herself, there are a lot of unspoken injustices and double standards. At this point, I see sexism as a greater silent danger than racism. With so many multicultural ties linking our mainstream view the outwardness of racism becomes more taboo. Women sit in imposed silence in the underbelly in fear we’ll be scrutinized for speaking out. Our defense mechanism has been blending in for so long – infiltrating a mans world, on men’s terms. I even find myself censoring criticisms in an effort to not come off too hard as the token feminist because I get it, this is how it is and to infiltrate you need to integrate. I’ve spent many years the odd woman out in a man’s playground and the things I’ve seen, heard and experienced may have taken a lesser woman down.

Unfortunately, I’m no exception – I am the norm and I just have a mouth willing to convey it without fear and have developed a solid sense of humor about it. Not to be a pessimist here, because believe me I LOVE MEN A LOT but someone’s gotta represent for the snatches. Over the next month I’ll be rolling out with the assistance of the babely Katy Irizarry. We’ve been fine-tuning our podcast Litterboxx and without further adieu…here’s the maiden voyage!

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