Contact + Info


Zeena Koda – Multimedia Personality

Digital + Social Strategist

Writer + Interviewer

Video Host + Content Producer

Visit me on Linked In

Boxx Talk videos via Vimeo
Zeena Koda on YouTube
Ask A Bombshell via Gun Shy Assassin
Listen to my band Gazelle

Other places you’ve seen, read + heard me: SiriusXM, Revolver Mag, FUSE, Music Choice, Fader, Crave Online, Mass Appeal,, The Daily Disruption, Rock It Out Blog, DiffuserFM, Loudwire, Impose

Video reel: 2013

Video reel: 2012

Video reel: 2011


One thought on “Contact + Info

  1. Hey,
    Enjoy your show a great deal!! Been lost and adrift from skull wrenching and ear splitting music for a long time, thanks for dragging me back to a soundtrack for my madding existence! Peace and Loudness forever!

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